Clifton High School stories via news bulletins, our pupil newspaper and podcasts.


Clifton High News

The Rambling Rose: Pupil Newspaper 

Pupils from across our Senior School have worked collaboratively together to create this newspaper. With Aneline, Year 13, at the helm, pupils have met regularly to cumulate this body of work which incorporates a wide range of topics and interests. We hope you enjoy the read!


Clifton High Voices: Podcast

This podcast is a platform for our School community to share and discuss views on the things that affect all members, either in school specifically or in society in general. Each episode topic is different, yet timely and relevant to our school year and the wider world. New guests and hosts will appear each episode, the podcasts are not scripted, with the hosts and guests speaking freely and expressing their own individual opinions.


We would like to say a special thank you to our Music Department, for the facilities and resources to record our podcast, Sophie in Year 2 and Thomas in Year 5 for their excellent catchy jingle, and to all the pupils, parents, teachers and guests for appearing on our podcast.  We would also like to say thank you to you all for listening.

Whether you are a Clifton High family, a former pupil, a member of the wider Bristol community or just someone who is generally interested in education, we hope this podcast will provide something for everyone.

If you have any comments, ideas or topics for future podcasts then please email us!

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