Providing a profoundly enriching and well-rounded experience.


Co-curricular programming at Clifton High School serves to broaden horizons, foster new interests and hone essential skills.

An extensive array of over one hundred and fifty clubs, thoughtfully categorized into Skills Development, Academic Progress, and Individual Brilliance encourages a wholehearted participation in all three spheres. Embracing this holistic approach to individual growth, Clifton High School caters to a diverse range of interests, aspiring to ignite in our pupils an engaged and empathetic response to the world around them, nurturing and inspiring individuals to thrive in their personal development.


We offer many sporting clubs that complement and expand upon our Sports curriculum including Rugby, Hockey, Football, Netball and Cricket that provide extensive training opportunities above and beyond our Games schedule. We also offer an array of unique sports clubs that reflect trends and the personal interests of our children, providing pupils with the chance to try a sport they had not considered before. These may include Tennis, Taekwondo, Water Polo, Rounders and more.  

The valued and esteemed sporting partnerships we have with University of Bristol, Henleaze Performance Swimming Club and Bristol Sport allow our children to learn from experienced professionals. More information may be found by clicking the link below: 

Junior Sports


Clifton High School offers a vast number of musical and performance clubs for those children and staff members who are passionate and appreciative of the Arts. These include a selection of choirs, music technology, orchestras, bands that unite them in performances as they collaborate, and build technical skills. 

For further information on individual music lessons that are administered by external Music Teachers, please click the link below: 

Music Lessons


Offering a broad range of clubs is vital to a comprehensive education at Clifton High School, and ensures all individuals feel they are supported and encouraged in their personal interests. These clubs include:

  • ICT
  • Eco club
  • Latin
  • Science
  • Cooking
  • Coding
  • Film 
  • Mathematics Challenges