A dynamic element of life in The Hive Pre-School that brings joy and a sense of belonging. 


Sport is not only a social and positive part of life at Clifton High School; it serves as a dynamic force that brings joy and a sense of belonging to every member of our Hive Pre-School community.

With its myriad of physical and mental health benefits, participating in sport enhances overall wellbeing whilst instilling a sense of accomplishment in our children. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on promoting inclusivity, ensuring that sports are accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of abilities, experience, or interests. This is as much the case for our youngest children in The Hive Pre-School as it is for our first team players in the Sixth Form. 

The Hive Pre-School children’s days are generally active as they are naturally developing their key motor skills and physical movements through play and learning. They also benefit from an array of sporting opportunities embedded into School days including, yoga, tennis and dance; all of which are conducted by specialist, qualified experts in those areas, including University of Bristol Tennis Coaches. 

This year we are also proud to expand upon our extensive swimming programme as we introduce swimming lessons to The Hive Pre-School. Undertaken by specialist teachers, the children visit our on-site pool to develop their water confidence and skills.

The Hive Pre-School children also participate in our annual Sports Day at our off-site sports complex, Coombe Dingle, which the School shares in partnership with the University of Bristol. Here they join our wider community to partake in many fun races which is a highlight for many of the children and their families.




As well as sharing nearby Coombe Dingle Sports Complex with the University of Bristol, together we have also established a number of other sporting partnerships, that run throughout Clifton High School. These include a comprehensive tennis partnership providing pupils with pathways into elite tennis coaching which consists of ten tennis clubs a week, three county development squads, curricular tennis delivered by the specialist coaches to The Hive to Year 2 children. A hockey partnership is also in place, allowing our players access to university coaches and offering pathways into the university's further development sports clubs.

University of Bristol