A dedicated Sixth Form Centre that is distinctive in its approach to meeting the evolving needs of adolescents.


Clifton High School is set within the heart of Bristol's suburb, Clifton Village.

The Walters Sixth Form Centre is a modern structure that sits in harmony with our surroundings and the School's handsome Victorian buildings that boast a rich and traditional history. It was designed and built to meet the evolving needs of adolescents.

Named after our Head of School (1985-1995), Mrs Joyce Walters, The Walters Sixth Form is a space in which students genuinely feel at home, supported by staff and peers in an environment that befits their developing maturity and independence.

Opened in 2023, it accommodates multiple tutor rooms and quiet workspaces for A level study whilst also offering social spaces that include an in-house café, student kitchen together with a light and open common room. Sixth Form students continue to benefit from the modern and spacious School classrooms that offer state-of-the-art educational resources and technology for A level lessons.

Conveniently located at No. 2 Clifton Park, students enter onto the Clifton High School site through their own private entrance. It is a welcoming hub that builds upon their growing maturity and, in addition, they are afforded the privilege of accessing Clifton Village during break times.

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The Walters Sixth Form Centre 
  • A level subject classrooms
  • Futures and Careers area
  • Large common room (which can be used as a presentation/lecture space)
  • Quiet work rooms
  • Private courtyards 
  • Café 
  • Student kitchen area
Medical Centre: Treatment Rooms, Counseling Room, Wellbeing Suite

On-site Sports Complex including:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Climbing Wall
  • Cardio Suite
  • Strength and Conditioning Suite
Other SCHOOL Facilities Used by THE Sixth Form
  • Music Rooms and Music Technology Suite 
  • Senior Fiction Library
  • Rose Theatre and Main Hall for performances and creative arts
  • Science Laboratories
  • STEM Room
  • Food Technology Room
  • Art and Design Rooms
  • MAC Design Suite
  • Design Technology Rooms
  • Dining Hall 
  • School Lawn 
  • MUGA (multi-use games area); Tennis courts, Netball courts
Off-site Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
  • 3G pitch
  • Artificial pitches (sand dressed and floodlit)
  • Grass pitches (football and rugby)
  • Cricket squares and nets (including grass)
  • Tennis courts
  • indoor and outdoor (floodlit)
  • Lacrosse pitch
  • Netball courts (outdoor)

Clifton High School is committed to continually refurbishing and enhancing our facilities to both further opportunities and offer the best setting for our students.

Whilst we recognise the need for our Sixth Form students to have their own independent space, as an all-through School, it is equally important that students are integrated and feel part of the wider community. Sharing facilities with younger children and pupils, as well as them being housed on one site is an integral part of Clifton High School life.