Supporting advocacy of learning with a focus on gaining independence

Sixth Form Life

Our Walters Sixth Form Centre is a modern, purpose-built environment that offers up to 160 maturing students the space to develop their academic studies, individual skills and talents in preparation for life beyond Clifton High School.

The two-year period of growth and transition within the realms of a Sixth Form are fundamental in shaping any students’ future. At Clifton High School, the unfaltering support and outstanding teaching from an experienced body of passionate educators, students walk away from School life with a true belief in and understanding of themselves with the confidence to pursue future ambitions and the resilience to succeed.   

Clifton High School's reputation for excellent levels of academic achievement can be found on our Examinations Results Page.  Whilst a strong academic focus is important and the goal of exceeding academic standards is exemplary, our School understands that success is not measurable by results alone and a student’s sense of achievement is complimentary to intellectual identity. With this in mind, we encourage our Sixth Form students to develop their talents and immerse themselves into in the wide range of leadership and co-curricular opportunities available at Clifton High School.  As educators, we believe that the exploration of sports, drama, music, the Young Enterprise, Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, to name but a few are all contributary to students' realising their full potential.

Our dedicated Walters Sixth Form Centre is an environment that supports an advocacy of learning as students grow in independence. Intentional small tutor groups provide a mix of self-directed and collaborative learning as students take ownership over their own study options, time management and preferred study locations.  This freedom also extends to students being trusted to leave the School site during break times to take advantage of the Clifton Village community offerings.  

If you are considering how Clifton High School’s Sixth Form can benefit your maturing child, we encourage you to contact our Head of Sixth Form, Miss Katherine Rich who will offer her and her team of Sixth Form Tutor's invaluable experience, knowledge and guidance to transition students smoothly through A levels and the departure from School life as they embark upon Further Education.   

We very much look forward to meeting you during a personal tour or at a Sixth Form Open Day.