Learning through the magic and wonder of nature.

Forest School

The Hive Pre-School children visit our on-site Forest School daily, which is a magical outdoor space for our explorative young learners.

The Hive's Forest School offers a holistic approach to an early childhood education that emphasises the importance of outdoor play, exploration and a connection with nature.  Their daily adventures immerse children in imaginative play whilst sparking their curiosity to support their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.  We like to think of it as laying the natural foundations for a lifelong love of learning through the senses.  

Our Forest School hosts an exciting array of facilities, including:

  • An outdoor climbing frame
  • Expansive green space
  • EYFS garden
  • Fire pit
  • Mud kitchen


There is evidence that spending time outdoors in a natural setting has been linked to improved emotional wellbeing. Children are able to relax, play freely and develop a sense of belonging in an safe and carefully monitored environment that offers them the space and freedom to learn how to take calculated risks. Through a variety of activities and team building exercises, our young learners begin to foster individual creativity that they can draw upon when they return to a traditional classroom setting.   

Environmental Awareness

In line with The Hive Pre-School's nurturing approach, introducing our children to the world of nature from an early age and initiating an early awareness of how they can impact and benefit the environment is one we emphasise. Through hands-on experiences, the children learn about eco-systems, wildlife, plants and the interconnections with living organisms. They discover a sense of responsibility that translates to empathy - one of our core values. 

We like to believe that the sowing of seeds reflects the planting, watering and growing of a child's lifelong journey of learning in and beyond the classroom.