Built upon the foundations of community. 

Welcome to Senior School

The identity of Clifton High School is shifting in an exciting direction; the current rebranding of our School embodies a long-term vision that further cements us as a leading, co-educational independent school in the vibrant Bristol marketplace. 

The enhanced image of Clifton High School showcases a new uniform for our pupils, logo and a website that aims to expose our current values and ethos in an updated and modern light, acknowledging the evolution of our School to the world around us.  We view it as poignant signpost for the direction in which we are moving towards that respects tradition, yet pursues ambition in equal measures.

Our Senior School has and remains to be built upon the foundations of community.  It is our belief that the privilege of becoming a part of this results in all our transitioning learners truly understanding their role in the wider world. Our pupils' confidence, instilled through our esteemed secondary education and service to children, enables them to be future-ready in embarking upon further studies, long-term careers and vocational pursuits that benefit themselves and those around them.  As educators, we constantly strive to recognise the brilliance of all individuals, aiming to ignite children’s passion in learning, so they foster the qualities of ambition, compassion and resilience.

From a past embedded in history through to a future filled with curiosity, Clifton High School’s Senior School stands tall in driving pupils forward in their journeys of personal discovery.  We are inclusive, culturally aware and diversity-focused in our approach to teaching, encouraging all children to take inspiration from the words of Mahatma Gandhi “to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others”.  Every individual is afforded the opportunity to thrive and cultivate their own learning, passions and relationships within our safe and nurturing community, being supported by our well-established pastoral structures that withhold the values of Curiosity, Empathy, Love and Direction.

Whilst our Senior School's academic results speak for themselves and we are extremely proud of the achievements of all our pupils, we equally appreciate that their wellbeing is a priority.  Teacher communication is never underestimated between pupils and their families so parents can rest assured that our focus is to consistently recognise individual success both within the classroom and beyond. In addition, our co-curricular provision offers a wide range of programmes that encompass a wide breadth of clubs, societies and activities that appeal to and enhance all learning opportunities.

It is our sincere wish that all Senior School pupils value the present moment, experiencing our School and teaching as an exciting time to develop themselves and their future ambitions.  We very much hope that you, as a family, take time to visit us and learn more about how your child will benefit from an advantageous Senior School education at Clifton High School.