Our home from home approach in these early years is the key to us offering excellent pastoral care and academic teaching.  

Welcome to the Infant School

"Consistency and familiarity are the key elements that prove to engage children, build upon relationships and ultimately facilitate independent learners. Each child's learning journey at Clifton High School is supported throughout each phase of the School ensuring transitions are seamless and that children enter each new key stage as confident individuals".  

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The energy held within Clifton High School is apparent as soon as you step into the School grounds and with that, we trust parents will sense the buzz and love of learning. Our home from home approach in these early years is the key to us offering excellent pastoral care and academic teaching with a qualified teaching body that encapsulates development on all levels.
As Head of Infant and Junior School, the pride I personally feel on entering a younger year's classroom, is exhilarating. I watch the children grow in their active learning capabilities, take ownership over their exploration skills from such a young age whilst collaborating so productively with each other. Our broad curriculum choices excel at enhancing enquiry and collaboration skills, constantly servicing, and adapting to individual needs and abilities whilst gently directing children in their progress. It is this merging of insightful and expert teaching of each child, together with the wealth of opportunities available to them as pupils at Clifton High School that builds upon solid communication, confidence and progress. 

Clifton High School is an inclusive and culturally diverse environment that thrives on change and challenge. Our belief is that by offering a nurturing and supportive safety net approach to learning, pupils are able to understand that there is no cap on on their enthusiasm and growth. Their love of nature and adventure is actively encouraged and is as much a part of their School day as their engagement in the traditional classroom setting. I find that it is often their success in outdoor pursuits, sporting, musical and creative endeavours that help them to become mindful academics, willing to take risks and step out of comfort zones. 

Our pupils are the true ambassadors of Clifton High School. They are the joy and life of the community and what makes our School such a special and wonderful place to belong. Their individual brilliance is the gateway to our teaching as the children excel on all levels, creating a School that speaks volumes in the wider world. 

I invite you to visit us, to see our Infant and Junior School as well as to talk to our current children about their School experience. We are confident that you will discover happy and engaged individuals that express a real zest for life. 

Mrs Alice Taylor, Head of Infant and Junior School