A thriving, co-educational independent day school for 3 to 18 year-olds in the heart of Clifton Village. 

Our School

As Acting Head of School, I warmly welcome you to Clifton High School; our thriving, co-educational independent day school for 3 to 18 year-olds in the heart of Clifton Village, Bristol. 

Founded in 1877, Clifton High School’s rich evolution from a traditional girls’ School to the diverse, co-educational School it is today, is testament to its consistently solid education, holistic values and strong community. We thrive on offering high academic standards alongside an exceptionally nurturing parallel approach to learning; developing children throughout all our year groups to be driven by our core values of Curiosity, Empathy, Love and Direction. Each step in a child's educational journey, from the Hive through to the Sixth Form, is perceived as an integral transition in their growth of freedom. They are encouraged, at all stages, to take confident risks with the knowing that our safe community net is implemented to guide them.

As an all-through School, our vision is a long-term one; fostering the qualities of ambition, compassion and resilience in all pupils as they transition through the year groups. We are confident in being leaders in the field of education, remaining dynamic in our approach to monitoring academic and co-curricular developments in today's world so we can ready our young people for the world of tomorrow. The triangular collaborative investment and communication links between teachers, parents and pupils unites us in recognising the ‘individual brilliance’ of all children as we provide them with the privilege of personal success.

We continue to be the only School in Bristol to incorporate the successful Diamond Edge Model into our teaching methods, allowing pupils to be supported in their individual dynamic needs,  teaching boys and girls separately in the core subjects of Mathematics, English and the Sciences during the key stages of Years 7, 8 and 9. This eliminates the need for parents to explore single sex schools, as the children benefit from maximised learning experiences in a socially conducive environment. This flexibility allows for adapting to global changes and the future career offerings our pupils will encounter. 

Our School culture and ethos, as well as our academic results speak for themselves and whilst we are proud of the achievements of all our pupils, we appreciate that their wellbeing is paramount.  At Clifton High School, our reputation is one that genuinely facilitates happy learners, children that are not defined by league tables but are able to celebrate success with the freedom of individual expression.  Guided by our gentle encouragement and nurturing support, children leave Clifton High School at the end of their education with a clear direction of their future, confident in their value to the world but also respectful of long-lasting relationships.

Recognising ‘individual brilliance’ is more than a defining tagline for Clifton High School, it is a statement that is embedded into the fabric of what our School accomplishes for all our pupils and staff members. Beyond the interaction of our website, we urge you to come and meet us to spend time understanding the rich tapestry of our School and witness the spirit and productivity embedded within our classroom culture. Our values of Curiosity, Empathy, Love and Direction sit at the forefront of our teaching methods, reminding pupils that they hold the power to change the world and positively contribute to society. 

Clifton High is beyond a School; it is a place to belong. I very much look forward to meeting you and for you to see and feel just that, in person. 

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Luke Goodman, Head of School