Futures and Career Direction

Clifton High School is committed to providing our pupils with comprehensive and tailored guidance on their future direction to support them in making informed decisions about their potential pathways.

Our dedicated careers provision aims to equip children from an early age with the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to embark upon successful and fulfilling futures. 

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Careers Education Programme 

Clifton High School’s intent is to steadily educate pupils about the world of career opportunities throughout their Senior School journey. Pupils joining in Year 7 will commence our Careers Education Programme which is integrated into and delivered through the Health and Wellbeing curriculum. We believe this gives them the very best start in making informed and realistic career choices when the time comes. Thus, every child, at each stage of their Senior School education, will have a dedicated term of career lessons delivered by their form tutor, covering the following core themes:  

Year 7 - Introduction to the World of Work

Pupils are introduced to what an actual career is alongside the exploration of a range of sectors including the arts and creative industries. Pupils will utilise the platform Unifrog to personalise their career learning and complete the ‘interests’ profile psychometric quiz.  
Year 8 - Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills

Pupils learn about key employability skills and reflect on their own ‘individual’ importance as well as how they can improve their personal skills. Pupils continue to use Unifrog to personalise their career learning, starting to match their employability skills to varying careers. 

Year 9 - Careers and GCSE pathways
Pupils learn about how GCSE options and their considered choices can be linked to a variety of career pathways. Pupils continue to use Unifrog to support them in making well-considered GCSE choices and can research careers, through the platform, linked to their possible subject choices. 
Year 10 - World of Work

Pupils learn about key employability skills and reflect on their own ‘individual’ importance as well as how they can improve their personal skills. Pupils continue to use Unifrog to personalise their career learning, starting to match their employability skills to varying careers. 

Year 11 - Post 16 options and apprenticeships
Pupils learn about the Post-16 pathway options and apprenticeships available to them and given strong guidance on their A level choices. Utilising Unifrog, they can research possible careers linked to their subject choices. 
Year 12 - Careers and a level pathways
During Sixth Form, students have an extensive careers education, delivered every two weeks, through our bespoke Future and Skills Programme. The primary focus is on supporting students in their future pathways covering core topics such as leadership skills, curriculum vitae tips and writing, interview skills, university and apprenticeship applications, work experience and finance.
Life After Sixth Form

Please refer to this link to read more of the unprecedented support we offer all students as they transition from School life into the next chapter of their exciting journey.  

Our Futures and Direction Provision  

Personalised guidance: 
Pupils can book one-to-one guidance sessions with our Head of Careers and Higher Education. This mentorship provides pupils with individualised guidance to explore various career and higher education options suited to them. 
Employer encounters and opportunities: 

Our Careers Education Programme offers several routes for pupils to interact with employers from a wide range of industries. Employer encounters are vital in broadening pupils’ understanding of the vast spectrum of professions, thus allowing them to make informed decisions. The events we currently offer include: 

  • Employer’s Talk Programme 

  • Curriculum trips and speakers  

  • Careers Fair 

  • Careers evenings for parents and pupils 

  • Alumni Breakfasts 

Work experience: 
Pupils are afforded the support and encouragement to find work experience placements, allowing them to gain invaluable insights into potential careers whilst developing their employability skills. Our strong alumni network, referred to as Clifton Rosarians, offer invaluable connections for our current pupils when searching for work experience.  
Online personalised guidance and support: 
Whilst all our pupils have access to Unifrog from Year 7 through to Year 13, it is also used extensively in the career’s education of the Health and Wellbeing Programme as well as within tutorial sessions. Unifrog is online platform that allows pupils to explore a vast array of career paths, higher education options and apprenticeships.  
University and Apprenticeship Support: 
Pupils are afforded extensive support when applying for university and apprenticeships. More information and an insight into our offerings is available here.  

Success Stories

As a longstanding School with a history of educating children since 1877, our list of alumni is diverse and respected in their chosen post-School pathways. Many are renowned in their achievements, inspiring current pupils but also reinforcing the impact that our Careers Education Programme can have in guiding outcomes.   

Read more about our Rosarians here: 

Employer Information 

Clifton High School is continually developing its comprehensive methodology for introducing career education to pupils through its Employer’s Talk Programme.  A vital part of this is inspiring and developing insights into potential, far-reaching career opportunities through the interaction with inspiring professionals and leaders of industries.   

We work closely with our current parent body, alumni, local and extended community to create a varied and wide-ranging programme that taps into the talents, passions and interests of our broad spectrum of pupils as they gain direction in their future journeys.  

To collaborate with Clifton High School, please contact Mr Richard Parry, Head of Careers and Higher Education, via email: rparry@cliftonhigh.co.uk.