An environment that encourages pupils to develop into well-rounded and confident individuals.

School Life

Clifton High's Senior School is an equal measure of 375 girls and boys, aged 11 to 16 years. Their vibrance and energy is reflective of the environment they share and one that provides them with the space to develop into well-rounded, confident individuals.  

As educators, we believe that this mixed gender community benefits from the ease of social identity and generates open-minded children that are able to work collaboratively, constructively and independently.  

Throughout the Senior School pupils gain a true understanding of how their individual brilliance can impact the world around them.  Alongside this development, we aim to support their education with methods of teaching that establishes and encourages parameters that pursues ambition with the resilience to succeed. 

Clifton High's Senior School offers an enriched environment, one that offers outstanding teaching aligned with an expansive co-curricular timetable including sport, music, drama and the arts; all of which play an all-important role in our School life. Every pupil, without exception, is encouraged to ‘get involved’, growing their team building and leadership skills through participation in The Duke of Edinburgh Award, World Challenge, charitable and environmental projects as well as many internal responsibilities.