Funding the Future

Beyond a School, a place to belong

For us, belonging within our community essentially requires a love of learning. That is why we have worked hard to open our School gates to families with a thirst for education, irrespective of their financial circumstances. This belief, in the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, is woven into the fabric of the School.

Our 150th Anniversary Appeal aims to fund the future by supporting the School’s Bursary Programme, increasing access to pupils from across the Bristol area for years to come.

Watch Jenny's Story below to see, first hand, the difference a bursry supported place can make.

Beyond a School, a place to become

Science is a subject in which our pupils excel. Clifton High School pioneered one of the first Chemistry laboratories for girls in 1905, and have significantly invested, adding additional capacity every 50 years. Despite aesthetic improvements, the last major rebuild was in 1978, when the Senior School was still only for girls.

Our 150th Anniversary Appeal aims to fund the future by rebuilding our current science facilities to introduce two new state-of-the-art laboratories, including a space to inspire our younger learners.

Beyond a School, a place to believe

Pupils have always been empathetic to a world beyond our School gates. We are acutely aware, more than ever before, of the need to care and protect our planet so to meet our environmental, ethical and social responsibilities.

Our 150th Anniversary Appeal aims to fund the future by leaving a greener school for future generations by improving our current systems and introducing new facilities across the campus, specifically, reviewing our carbon and energy management.