There is no doubt that a safe and happy environment is vital for a child’s overall wellbeing and learning.

Pastoral Care

The outstanding pastoral care that Clifton High School is renowned for underpins the early years education our Hive Pre-School children receive from qualified teachers, teaching assistants and Early Years practitioners.

Small class sizes and time devoted to each individual child allows teaching staff to build upon relationships that develop the pupil's emotional, social and physical needs through subconscious learning.  Each child is appointed a key member of teaching staff that closely tracks, monitors and follows their educational development and interests so that relevant activities can be administered.   


The Hive Pre-School's provision of a safe and happy environment is vital in a child’s overall wellbeing and learning development so, not only do they feel secure, they also see themselves as valued members of their class and year group.  

When identifying the necessary provisions required for individual children, we work closely with parents to establish their child’s specific speech and language needs which are carefully reviewed on an on-going basis. We offer intervention from our experienced Enhanced Learning Department who provide an additional level of support, when necessary, to create bespoke programmes that cater for the needs of younger children.   

The environment in which our teachers and teaching assistants work is one of mutual respect and understanding.  Their sole aim is to provide all Hive Pre-School children with security and confidence in the hands of their high quality care, promoting a strong sense of self as well as celebrating their achievements during these early years to reinforce confidence as they transition into the Infant School.