Years 3 and 5 Moneysense Workshops

Years 3 and 5 children completed informative workshops with Natwest staff on Wednesday 14th June, covering the topic of how we use money.

Year 3 children participated in three activities where they explored the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, looked at the ways in which families spend money and discussed choices about how to use money to spend, save and donate.

Staff from Natwest worked with the children to explain how we use money, answering questions the Year 3 children had about money and banking.

Year 5 enjoyed their Moneysense workshop, asking insightful questions to the financial experts and working carefully to plan and budget a party. Children worked hard to create a well-budgeted and entertaining party plan and presented their ideas clearly to the class at the end of the workshop.

The children took away much useful information and we would like to thank the Natwest staff for providing such engaging workshops.