'She Rallies' Tennis Festival hosted by Judy Murray

On Wednesday afternoon, six Clifton High pupils were given the opportunity to attend the ‘She Rallies’ Tennis Festival hosted by Judy Murray at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex.

Founded by Judy Murray, the ‘She Rallies’ initiative aims to empower and expand the number of women and girls coaching and playing tennis. This initiative feeds into the wider ‘Women and Girls Strategy’ from the Lawn Tennis Association, which aims to significantly increase female participation in tennis over the next four years.

The afternoon included a question and answer session with Judy Murray, in which she shared with pupils how both her sons were introduced to tennis, the different drills that be completed with either very limited or adapted equipment and some of the most important moments in her career. The remainder of the afternoon was spent enjoying some cardio tennis, drills and mini competitions, taught by specialist female tennis coaches.

“We had lots of fun and it was a great opportunity to get tennis tips from Judy Murray, and improve on all our tennis skills and compete alongside different schools.” - Greer, Year 7.