Iceland World Challenge Expedition - Summer 2016

A group of Year 8 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their World Challenge trip to Iceland recently and impressed with their ability to manage their itinerary, money, cooking and transport. After a successful build up day of assembling tents, cooking on Trangia stoves and organising their kit, the challengers embarked on their expedition. The first day consisted of attempting to translate Icelandic food items in their first supermarket trip and a whale watching boat tour. They were fortunate enough to sight puffins, humpback whales and two dolphins chasing each other in the water. Pingvellair was the site of their first trek. The group walked across lava fields, climbed up the site of the world's first democratic parliament as well as managing to disturb a swarm of wasps, which, luckily for the pupils, only launched an attack on Dr Caddy and their expedition leader. The following day saw the group travel to the Golden Circle Tour of famous geological sites. Here they witnessed water shooting 35metres into the sky from the world's third largest geyser, as well as extensive lava fields, geothermal plumes of steam and glacial rivers. For the latter part of the trip, the challengers pitched their tents in Sunshine Valley and continued to experience spectacular treks up mountains and along valleys, accompanying the magnificent views by singing songs. Although the group had certainly mastered cooking porridge, sausages, pasta and fish curry on their Tangia stoves, the three course meal in an Icelandic restaurant was very much welcomed and a lovely way to conclude a fulfilling and enjoyable expedition.