Festival of Nature at Bristol Harbourside

At Bristol Harbourside’s Festival of Nature, The Environmental Education Project’s exhibit, sponsored by Clifton High School, featured as an outdoor attraction ‘Secret Training: becoming agents for nature’.

The minibus exhibit showed how visitors could help terrestrial wildlife by making miniature nature reserves and the caravan exhibit demonstrated how they could help protect and clean up the marine environment. 

Over the course of the three very sunny days, the exhibit attracted a heavy stream of visitors with displays made from discarded fishing nets, wild flowers and marine wildlife in tanks. One particular aim was to encourage visitors to eat sustainably caught fish or switch to insect protein instead of meat: the barbequed crickets, ants and grubs were delicious!

Ducklings reminded visitors of the alternative of eating meat and the exhibit described how meat production has a high impact on the environment and animal welfare issues resulting from rearing animals for food.

The exhibit was a great success and we look forward to working closely with The Environmental Education Project in the future.