Year 9 Geography and Science Explorer Dome
08:00 Tuesday 25 Feb 2020 - 13:00 Tuesday 25 Feb 2020
Educational Visits – Workshop Approval Checklist Curriculum Trips Budget Paperwork Notes Request Form Approved 14/11/19 Cover Arranged for All Staff Attending Risk Assessment Please note that a full trip pack must be left with the School Office and Dr Pascoe TUESDAY 25TH FEBRUARY 2020: 8.10am Explorer Dome arrives and sets up in hall 9.10am EARTH (KS3: Year 9) 9.2 (I believe they will miss Art/DT) 10.00am Break 10.05am EARTH (KS3: Year 9) 9.1 (would have been in Geog with LGI) 10.55am Break 11.15am EARTH (KS3: Year 9) (would have been in Geog with LGI) 12.05pm End of shows, hall not yet clear 1.00pm Explorer Dome packed up and hall clear
Main Hall