Clifton High School Sports Celebration Evening

Clifton High School celebrated the sporting year with its inaugural Sports Celebration Evening on Thursday 9th March. Our athletes were fortunate to be joined by Mr Jamie Baulch, British sprint athlete and television presenter, who delivered an after-dinner speech. Mr Baulch shared some fascinating anecdotes and tales from his career, in particular the training he underwent before achieving his 1999 400metres World Indoor Championship gold medal, 1997 4x400 metre World Championship gold medal and 1996 Olympic silver medal. Mr Baulch entertained with details of the physical and psychological preparation required to compete at the highest levels, a topic which has been a discussion point for our young athletes in the recent Talented in Sport seminars at Clifton High School.








Each of the Sporting Captains (Alexander on behalf of Lewis, Bethan, Hannah, Thomas, Ellie and Isobel) followed on from this to summarise their respective sporting seasons and announce the awards, which were presented by Dr Neill and Mr Jamie Baulch. Each of the captains spoke of the sporting ethos at Clifton High School and the lifelong memories and friendships that have formed through their experiences at the school. The PE department describe the students as ‘true role models to their peers’ and is immensely proud of their achievements and commitment to sport over the years.


1st XV Rugby


1st XI Hockey


1st and 2nd VII Netball


Captain’s Award

Lewis Ryder

Daisy Williamson

Alex Tudor

Player’s Player Award

Jordi Ventura Ripoll

Bethan Evans-Brain

Hannah Morris

Most Improved Player

Barnaby Picton

Isabella Naughton

Sophia Webb

Coach’s Player of the Year

Alexander Minter-Swannell

Imogen Rees

Charlotte Jagger






1st XI Football




Senior Swimming


Captain’s Award

Thomas Harvey

Captain’s Award

Ellie Griffith-Malley and Isobel Press

Player’s Player Award

Jordi Ventura Ripoll


Most Improved Player

Matthew Godfrey

Most Improved Swimmer

Lucy Owen-Lloyd

Coach’s Player of the Year

Harry Miles

Service Shield

Ellie Griffith-Malley